Users of the Reservata system must agree to the following:

  1. Accept that Reservata is acting only as an agent for the owner and takes no responsibility for information provided to clients.
  2. Keep information on Reservata up to date and current, and if taking online bookings they must keep availability current.
  3. Agree to assist Reservata marketing its service to owners and client if it is in the mutual interest of all parties.
  4. Only represent properties for which the owner has the legal mandate to market.
  5. Inform Reservata and agents using the system of any significant changes to the property. The pricing is the responsibility of owners or managers.
  6. Accept that Reservata can only support one public price structure and the same price will be quoted by all users of the system
  7. Include applicable taxes where possible
  8. Maintain an accurate tax statement on the system and immediate after any enquiry or booking is received make clear the taxes applicable at that point in time. These must not be more than 10% of the price. If greater than this (eg Valued added tax) then this should be included in the price


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