Pricing for Villas and Hotels

  1. No fees for using the online availability system.
  2. No fees for direct bookings from your website for the first 6 months.
  3. No fees for booking via agents using Reservata.
  4. For website bookings after the free period, the commission on bookings are 4% of the total booking cost if the money goes directly into your PayPal account.
  5. If you do not have a PayPal account we can take deposits and pass them on to you - the charge for this is 7% of total booking cost*, with an introductory cost of 3% of total booking cost for the first 6 months.
  6. You will be invoiced monthly for bookings taken where a deposit has been paid online
  7. Instead of paying on commission you may choose to pay a fixed fee monthly as follows:
Number of Bedrooms Monthly/Annual rate (Euro and US Dollar rates also available)

* If you do not have your own PayPal account, we can collect the money for you for an addition 3% charge. This will be kept on account and transferred to you as and when required. There is a bank fee of £10 for each withdrawal and transfer can be to any account worldwide.

Pricing for Agents

One of Reservata's unique features is that agencies can use it, both as an administrative system and on their website for online bookings. In this case owners are automatically updated with bookings and enquiries. There is no charge for agencies using the system for upto 4 properties on an administrative basis. Beyong that, pricing for agencies is from £50 per month - please contact us for full details


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