How it works

1. Do I have to have a PayPal account?

No. Having a PayPal account is the most efficient as any money from bookings goes straight into your account. If you don't have a PayPal account then Reservata collects the money and sends it by international transfer to the account of your choice for a fee of £10 per transaction plus an additional 3% cost for each booking. You may want to group your transfer together so you save on transaction fees. There may also be small losses on exchange rates this way. In cases where the owner does not have a PayPal account, Reservata may withhold deposit money until after the client’s stay in the case of new users where insufficient references are available.

2. What are PayPal fees?

Check on the PayPal site for their fees but they are typically 2-3% depending on the volume of turnover. Reservata automatically adds 2% online booking fee to all transactions to contribute towards these fees.

3. What if I don't keep availability up-to-date?

This is your responsibility and there could be problems if a client books and pays for a room that you subsequently cancel.

4. I want my reservations team to access the availability but not change the pricing?

You can set up other users to log into you site but only to see and access the availability.

5. How do I enable my website to take online bookings?

Your Reservata admin page automatically generates a script that can be loaded onto your website as an iframe. You can also choose the colour and style to fit in with website design. It is not complicated and your web developers should be able to install it in a matter of minutes. Even simpler for a small fee (£50) we will create a special page for you on the Reservata server to match your website and then you can just link to this.

6. Can I run promotions?

Yes you can set up promotions for certain date or ones that run constantly. For example many of our properties run constant 7 nights for the price of 6 promotions to encourage longer stays, or offer a 10% discount for months when bookings are low.

7. Can I set a minimum number of days for bookings?

Reservata has a sophisticated minimum days facility. So you cab specify 3 nights minimum booking in low season but 5 or even 7 nights minimum at peak seasons. Also you can manually change the minimum days for the immediate weeks ahead if you are hoping to fill gaps If a client tries to book less than the minimum days then a supplement is charged and a warning to the client issued.

8. Can I set my own deposit?

Reservata enable you to set your deposit at whatever percentage you wish.

9. If I give agents access to my bookings how do I know when changes are made.

Every time a booking is made or altered you receive an email with confirmation of the new details.

10. What currencies do you work in?

Properties can be priced in almost any currency. The client can choose pay deposits in Euro’s, Pounds and US Dollars. Once you receive a deposit you send a confirmation note to the client confirming the deposit and the balance to paid. The balance can be in the same currency as the deposit or your normal working currency.

11. Do I lose money on exchange if the clients pays in another currency to that which I set prices?

No. Reservata builds in an allowance if the client chooses a different currency. This is usually around 2% which means you do not lose out.

12. Can I set different prices for the same room or property depending on the number of people or the board basis?

One of Reservata’s strongest features is you can define as many different prices for the same room or property as you like and the client just chooses the best one for them. We call this “Board/Occupancy”. So for example a large suite in a hotel could be offer with the following different board/occupancy price:

  • B&B for 2 adults - €100
  • B&B for 2 adults and a child - €120
  • Room only 2 adults - €90
  • Room only 2 adults and a child €110
  • etc

13. I like to have flexibility to swap rooms around on allocation. Is this possible?

Reservata has a system for hotels that have multiple rooms of the same category so the client chooses the room type but then you allocated the exact room.

14. What if the client does not want to pay a deposit, can they still request a booking?

Yes. Once the client has picked the room, the dates and the board/occupancy then they have 3 choices:

  • Just send an enquiry
  • Request an option (you can chose how long options are valid for, from 1 to 7 days)
  • Book and pay a deposit
  • Each of these options will trigger an email to you so you know what is happening.

15. Can I store information about a booking on the system?

Yes. There is a free text box where you can put arrival details, dietary requirements, etc and you can view this when you click on a booking on your calendar or just place the mouse over it.

16. The nature of my business is that I can’t guarantee to keep booking 100% up to date. Does that mean I can’t use Reservata?

There is no doubt that hotels that offer online booking get more bookings so the choice is yours. It is the nature of our times that people expect instant success. However, you can select to only offer the client the opportunity to send an enquiry or request an option but not to book with a deposit.

17. What if I manage/own multiple properties?

You can set up as many properties as you want within an account with different pricing and configuration. You can also become an agent if you want to have a booking system for all the properties on one website.

18. How do I control agents’ access to my booking system?

An agent must first be registered with Reservata and they then can request a link to your properties on the system. You then log in and accept the request and the agent can add your details to his calendar and booking system.

19. Should the prices I put into Reservata include taxes applicable in my country?

We encourage all owners to publish prices including taxes but accept that in certain countries it is the custom to quote prices without taxes and in this case we allow an * by the price linking to statement clarifying the maximum chargeable tax. This must clarified with the client immediately on receiving an enquiry or booking and should never exceed more than 10% of the base price.

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