Reservata was set up as a joint venture between Kevin Moore and Alisdair Luxmoore in 2009 with the vision of creating an availability and booking system for owners of boutique hotels and villas that would make life easier for owners and in particular enable them to work more efficiently with agents.

In particular Reservata aims to eliminate owners having to maintain multiple availability systems so whether a guest is booking direct or via an agent the same information is seen Kevin and Alisdair are in a unique position to understand these requirements and between they own and manage a number of hotel and holiday properties they also run the Hipmarrakech and Fleewinter groups of booking agencies and tour operators.

From the start the concept was to make access free to the system and then help fund further developments and there are plans to create a Reservata booking portal for efficient low commission marketing and bookings and also property management facilities so the system can automatically provide invoicing and work planning. If you have further ideas on how Reservata could help you please let us know.

More bookings. Less Hassle. Happier Clients.


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